Sentinel Integrated Services


Executive Protection, Investigations & Private Security Solutions

Areas of Expertise


Executive & Close Protection

Sentinel provides executive and close protection, security driving services to executives, dignitaries and any other potential victim that has a risk of violence  internationally and domestically. Sentinel conducts an evolving threat and risk assessment supported by a 24/7 intelligence center. Our experienced investigators conduct an initial investigation that sets the underpinning for an inclusive threat assessment and risk analysis supported by using open source and restricted databases to build a risk mitigation plan based on the appropriate threat level while keeping the client safe and comfortable in their environment. Our services  include  an advance team that provides liaison, on-site event coordination, vetting local hotels, restaurants, other sites, resources, route planning and advance screening of medical facilities and potential safe havens. Armored vehicles are available for higher threat cases as well as K9 explosives detection support.


Private Security

Sentinel provides armed and unarmed security officers. All of our armed security officers are either former law enforcement or former military personnel. Professional experience and constant in-service training is required to effectively deal with modern day threats to individuals and the business environment. We strive to keep up to date on the latest tools and methods to help mitigate risk at a clients work site by constantly providing training opportunities to our employees. We provide a threat assessment and risk analysis prior to any event to determine your specific requirements, which could include either armed or unarmed security officers or a combination of both depending on the circumstance. Sentinel armed security officers are available 24/7 for all your security needs to include theft protection, trespassing, hostile employee terminations, office building security, special events, construction sites, personal security, critical infrastructure, high threat security, estate security and a variety of other situations where uniformed security may be used by a client to mitigate a threat. 

Threat Assessments

A threat assessment is an important tool used by Sentinel investigators to potentially mitigate risk to a person or place from potential violence. Investigators conduct threat assessments and investigations as a proactive measure towards the development of a risk mitigation plan that can be used to identify, assess and manage a potential threat. These investigations involve examining behavior and patterns of conduct that can be used to also determine a threat level. Investigations can involve physical surveillance, monitoring social media activity, web forum posts and other activities that can be monitored through limited access online databases and other open sources. Threat assessments are an important value add our investigators use as a contribution not only applied to executive protection, but also potential work place violence, stalking and harassment cases, event security and any other security service where a threat of violence exists.

Private Investigations

Sentinel's investigators come from a wide range of backgrounds and have extensive experience as either federal, local law enforcement and private sector investigations. Our investigators have expertise in a variety of categories in the areas of insurance fraud, workers compensation, missing persons, traffic homicide, economic crimes and family law issues. Our investigators also work along side our private security division providing risk analysis and threat assessments along with support services. Below is a list of other services we provide.

  • Criminal
  • Civil
  • Fraud
  • Background Checks
  • Litigation Support
  • Due Diligence Investigations with Company & Executive Profiles
  • Asset Searches supporting Financial Investigations
  • Witnesses and Debtors located
  • Statements and Affidavits
  • Surveillance 
  • Counter Surveillance

Digital Forensics

Sentinel's certified forensic investigators, litigation support experts, and cyber-security specialists are available for on-site deployments to your location in all global regions and environments. All of our investigators are former police and federal law enforcement officers with years of experience in case preparation and court room testimony. Our investigators have proven experience in the areas of crimes against children, hackings, white-collar crimes, criminal defense, employment issues, intellectual property theft, internal investigations and family law.